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Where the Spirit World and Art Collide

Custom Channeled Paintings 


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Intuitive Artist

Hello! Somehow you made it here which is super exciting if you think about it. Life is filled with synchronicities if we just keep our eyes open and since you're here that means it's for a reason.

Now I would love if you would please reach into the depths of your soul and ask yourself, "What brings me my highest joy?" 

Sometimes this is an easy question to answer and sometimes we may take us a while to realize where our true joy originates but by digging deep into our soul, we can learn so much about who we are.

How much do you think your life would benefit from energy work?

Do you think you would be happier with better understanding of who you are on a soul level?

  How awesome would it to be to see what your special energy looks like on canvas? 

Honestly, knowing both sides of this coin, I have to say that the knowing is so much better than the not. Life just seems to flow more when we're in control of our own energy. We also learn how to better react to those around us as we gain wisdom in ourselves.




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Thank you Jannelle, I love my painting so much! It was a wonderful experience and I’m grateful to have you in my life.

Lo, Florida 

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